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About “Milinda Sanka”

I am a Website Developer having 5+ years of professional experience in this Industry. My focus is customer satisfaction, precision, accuracy and quick services.

Are you looking for a Pro Website Developer? I can help you in:

✔ Creating, Designing, Building, Fixing, Customizing the website in
custom HTML / bootstrap or WordPress or any other popular CMS
according to your requirements.
✔ HTML to WordPress.
✔ Clone any website to WordPress.
✔ Product uploading, Content Uploading.
✔ Fixing HTML / Bootstrap / WordPress / Shopify / CSS errors.
✔ Theme customization according to your need.
✔ Custom themes.
✔ Premium themes.
✔Laravel web development.
✔i have good knowledge for php, javascript, css, ruby, swift,c# and other
programming languages.
✔my favorite websites is hotel website & personal website.

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